Rabbit holes await in this 'gateway book'

With insightful wisdom on the most muddled subjects that life has to offer. This book can be read in just thirty minutes. True wisdom says much with few.

Is there such a thing as God?

Can there really ever be such a thing as a big man upstairs? And if there was, why all the drama?

Is death a big deal?

What is death? And why are we so afraid of it? Would our lives be any different if we didn’t die?

Is love really simple?

What really is love? And can we truly experience love as we are today?

Why is sex so damn good?

Why do we love sex so much and why does it make us feel so nice? Are we addicted to the orgasm?

Is the law of attraction real?

Or are the New Age lot completely bonkers? And also, why does it feel like we never ever get what we really want?

Will we ever reach enlightenment?

Why is it that only a few people have been deemed enlightened in our history? What did they know that we don’t?

What the reviews say

If you're intrigued by the prospect of this little book, you're not alone. Here's what other readers have said about it . . .

This little book packs an almighty punch. The author manages to  to pin-point in so few words what other books take volumes and volumes to say. Prepare for new and exciting insights on sex, on love, on God, on death, and on life as we know it.  If like me, you’re spiritual but not religious and have little time for lots of reading then this book is for you.

Vodafone New Zealand
Keeran Chhima

Vodafone New Zealand

A great achievement. Cheeseman manages to distill some vast concepts down into bite size chunks that provide endless food for thought. Although a short pocketbook, you only need to digest one concept per day to provide an adrenaline shot for your consciousness! Dive in and ‘glide through time to meet the divine postal service’.. 

Alec McCullie

Head of IoT & Industry 4.0 at Atos

A little look inside

Feel free to take a sneaky peak inside The Pocket Book of Little Big Things. Go on . . . you know you want to . . . take a bite!

The thing about this Book

Does anyone actually read introductions? I’m not sure. But, as we’re here anyway, we might as well. I’ll keep it short—after all, this is meant to be a pocketbook.

This book then is about the little things. The little things, which for some reason we’ve managed to turn into hugely traumatic things. Little things like sex, enlightenment, God, and love. These are all small things. Yup. They were never meant to be these insanely twisted ideas. They are the ‘bread and butter’ of existence. Nothing which is bread and butter is complicated or difficult. Yet we’ve somehow managed to make them so incredibly difficult for ourselves.

The universe and our minds (they’re kind of the same thing—but we’ll get to that) works in a peculiar way. If we think something is complicated and difficult then, hey presto, it becomes complicated and difficult. In this way, we have managed to turn all the little things into massive things—because we think them to be. That’s parapsychology for you.

Some chap by the name of Virgil put it quite nicely some time ago when he wrote that the mind drives the mass. In other words . . .

About Author

Author of The Pocket Book of Little Big Things and Monsoon Diaries. Kevin Koranteng Cheeseman was born and raised between Ghana and the UK. His unique outlook embodies the best of both worlds . . .

Kevin K Cheeseman


Author of The Pocket Book of Little Big Things, Monsoon Diaries  and Asemsebe, Kevin Koranteng Cheeseman was born in Ghana. He grew up there until 1995 when he moved to London to live with his mother. Kevin spent a large part of his working life as an engineer at Ford. His dream is to create The Pack Back Society, to provide the travel opportunities for others who otherwise won’t be able to; through backpacking scholarships which encompass anthropology assignments.

The Pocket Book of Little Big Things and Monsoon Diaries can be found on Kindle eBooks or as paperback. Asemsebe, his third book is under Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock. Kevin would love to hear from you, especially if you’d like to help make The Pack Back Society a reality. Thirty percent of all his proceeds from the sales of his books has been earmarked to make this dream a reality.