Pack your bags my friend, you could be off on a life-changing adventure to far flung corners of the world. If you consider your ancestry to be of African or Asian descent, The Pack Back Society especially for you. Backpacking changed my life, and it can do the same for you. 

Adventure for growth

Photo by ahmad syahrir from Pexels
     Photo by ahmad syahrir from Pexels

That’s what The Pack Back Society is all about. Backpacking changed my life and it’s our joy to be able to offer the same opportunity to you. We’re still developing the idea, but at its core it works like this:

You apply for a backpacking scholarship—telling us why you’d be the best person for the adventure. We assess the applications and choose the most suitable candidates. We will consider all applicants, but we’ll prioritize submissions from Africans and Asians—because we’re under-represented on the backpacking scene. Read on to discover the nuts and bolts of the idea. And remember, we’re still in the concept stage, so we won’t be taking applicants now. Sign up to our newsletter for regular updates on our progress—you might be on your way to somewhere exotic soon! We expect the first trips to be announced when the ‘copies sold’ counter reaches 10,000 units.

What you’ll get

An all-expenses paid backpacking trip to a destination which meets one of our learning outcomes. We’ll arrange visas, flights, travel insurance, and provide you with a budget for your food and accommodation. You might also be paired up with a travel buddy!

What you’ll do

For the most part it’ll be up to you. But you will be given an anthropology assignment to complete for our blog. The assignments are designed to encourage you to delve deep into local culture, traditions, spiritual beliefs, education, and ecology. You’ll have to get off the beaten track for this one.

Who pays for all this?

We all do in a way, and here’s how it works. Thirty percent of all proceeds from my books: The Pocketbook of Little Big Things, Monsoon Diaries: An African in India, and Asemsebe will be directed into The Pack Back Society—after the publishers have taken their cut, of-course. The more books we shift, the more funds for your adventures! Scroll further to see how much we’ve raised so far.

Why backpacking?

Photo by Ravindra rawat from Pexels
Photo by Ravindra rawat from Pexels

Because it changed my life. Around ten years ago, life became somewhat empty. I couldn’t really explain why. On the face of it, I had a great job and was full of material satisfaction but I still felt something missing, something un-explainable. So, I jacked the work bit in and went off backpacking to far lands. This blew my mind into smithereens. Now, you have to understand that backpacking, whilst normal in a European (or American) context, isn’t something common in African households. This is true whether in the diaspora or on the continent.

The trip culminated in a profound epiphany about my life and the cosmos in general. For the first time in my life, through backpacking, I started to create myself anew, instead of being created. I was opened up to the cosmos and gained my own unique understandings about it. It was exciting and deeply enriching. My discoveries pointed to one thing. I had been a canvas for others to paint upon what they wished. There was much more to life than the things I had been taught to focus on, and that I had a very narrow take on life; none of which were my own takes.

It all came about because I strapped a backpack on and buggered off to far lands for the sake of adventure. Not for economic gains or for a formal education, but for adventure and growth. These experiences became Monsoon Diaries : An African in India—the first book I wrote.

Pack Back is your chance to discover who you really are

The Pack Back Society
Photo by Simone Venturini from Pexels

At some point in our lives it is important to check in with our beliefs in order to satisfy ourselves that they hold true. This is especially true in matters such as the meaning and purpose of our lives and on social, economic, cultural, and political matters. It is far better to read Plato to confirm your own ideas than to read Plato and take it as gospel.

It is my wish now inspire you to consider travelling and backpacking as a way to grow, to discover yourself, and to breakdown and question your beliefs. Not necessarily to drop them for new ones but to ask yourself these questions: If given a blank sheet of thought, would I reach the same conclusions I do now? Given a new mind free of impressions, would I believe the same the things I do now? What are my thoughts on why we exist? What do I think happens when I die? Am I living the life I desire?

Here’s the other thing about backpacking

Backpacking with the pack back society
Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels

If nothing else, backpacking gives you a better understanding of life, cultures, and social systems elsewhere–beyond the TV screen or the internet. It teaches you the need for acceptance because of the intrinsic oneness of humanity. One of the best feelings in the world is when you form a deep connection with a someone from another country, culture, or race. This teaches you first-hand that our similarities far outweigh our perceived differences; fostering understanding and love. To fall deeply in love with someone not because you share the same tribe but because you laugh at the same peculiarities of life, or that you share exactly the same perspective on life. This, is the greatest lesson on our innate oneness. It is the beginning of the end of judgment, bigotry and this whole economy of us and them. To learn from each other and adopt the best of all worlds into our own–these are the greatest gifts of travel. The Pack Back Society is your opportunity to experience these gifts for yourself.

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