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Author of The Pocket Book of Little Big Things, Monsoon Diaries  and Asemsebe, Kevin Koranteng Cheeseman was born in Ghana. He grew up there until 1995 when he moved to London to live with his mother. Kevin spent a large part of his working life as an engineer at Ford. His dream is to create The Pack Back Society, to provide the travel opportunities for others who otherwise won’t be able to; through backpacking scholarships which encompass anthropology assignments.

The Pocket Book of Little Big Things and Monsoon Diaries can be found on Kindle eBooks or as paperback. Asemsebe, his third book is under Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock. Kevin would love to hear from you, especially if you’d like to help make The Pack Back Society a reality. Thirty percent of all his proceeds from the sales of his books has been earmarked to make this dream a reality.

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Author of the #1 Amazon best sellers Monsoon Diaries: An African in India and The Pocket Book of Little Big Things.