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The thing about Enlightenment

You don’t have to, but you kind of do. No doubt we’ve all heard that line before. If from none other than a likable boss trying to be nice but firm. Enlightenment is like that. You don’t have to, but you kind of do. Here’s the thing, you actually already are! How bizarre!

The only reason you think you’re not is because you believe you’re not. It’s that simple. Make no mistake, you most definitely are. Have you noticed that whenever a person you deem enlightened speaks about ‘the way’, you feel you sort of knew that already?! They never actually reveal anything you don’t already know.

They leave you with the same old clichés which you yourself know to be true. They say things like “we are all one,” “love is the way,” “everything is in you,” blah blah blah roll my eyes blah blah. And yet you still find yourself unenlightened.

Perhaps you’re waiting for some sort of phenomena. Fireworks, or a mental orgasm beyond belief which reveals a mystical truth. But it never comes. It never comes . . .

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