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The thing about Enlightenment (continued)

. . . precisely because you are already it. Have you ever seen a dog chasing its own tail?

The thing with enlightenment though is to be found tucked away in the difference between the ‘ings’—that is, between knowing and doing and being. The only way you can feel yourself enlightened is to be the things you already know. That’s all there is to it.

You have nothing to learn but to be the things you already know. The being of the thing makes the thing happen.  You already know we are all one, so, act like it. You know love is the only viable way, so, be only love.

That’s when the magic happens. As you’re being love, as you’re treating all as if they were you, the thing happens. When you turn knowledge into action through your being, you, me, we, begin to experience it. We begin to feel happy because you’re being nice, you’re being loving, you’re being it—you’re creating love and joy and happiness through your beingness, and then, voila! Enlightenment is in action. The whole thing, you, me, we, the oneness then enjoys great delight!

There’s a little game we play with ourselves you see, because of course, we can’t really experience enlightenment until we experience what it isn’t. So, we hide the fact from ourselves. We give ourselves permission not to be enlightened. This goes on for a while until we get so far down the line and it starts to irritate, then . . . we suddenly remember again.

It’s a beautiful game, this ying-to-my-yang, the up and the down, the to-from-the-fro. But perhaps one of the greatest illusions of them all is the me and the you. There’s one thing that the ‘great’ ones tell us which we never quite get. And it’s not because we’re stupid, far from it. It is because we’re too clever! They tell us that we are all one, and we think it must be some kind of a metaphor, with layers that need stripping back through immense contemplation and no masturbation.

This isn’t a mysterious secret which takes years to . . .

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