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The thing about Enlightenment (continued)

. . . comprehend. In fact, it’s the simplest. It is quite literal—we ARE all one life—literally. Everything is one life. Yup. Fact. That’s it. Remember the game? The up and the down, the left and the right, the one the . . . many?

At the very core, your aliveness, your ‘beingness’, and my ‘beingness’ aren’t separate entities. My aliveness is the exact same one you feel, it’s the same one a tree feels—the very same.  You don’t believe me? Try it, be it. Be to everything and everyone as if they were actually you. Try it and see.

This challenge takes us right back to my first point. The thing with enlightenment is that you don’t have to, but you kind of do. You won’t believe you’re it until you be it. It doesn’t happen to you; you bring it forth in what you become. So, drop the books, quit the search, get out there and be it!

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