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Give yourself this ultimate Christmas present

The big prize this Christmas is made up of small little prizes 

So get out of your own way and take a step back to enjoy your creations this Christmas.

It’s not that you don’t know to do that. Far from it. But if you’re anything like me, you do forget to do it until someone or something reminds you. That’s what this is. A reminder. It’s the first part of the ultimate Christmas present—and for good reason too as you’ll discover if you read on.

This holiday season is as good a time as any to take stock of all the moments, things and experiences you’ve created—there could be no better Christmas present than an appreciation of how far you’ve come this decade—it’s more important that you might first think. Make a list if you have to, maybe even as a family activity. That’s what I’ll be doing on new year’s eve—a bullet point review of the past decade.

We’ve all been busy making our dreams happen

And we’ve had our eyes firmly fixed on the big prize. So much so that we don’t notice the little wins or acknowledge them with any joy. We think we do, but in most cases we don’t—I put myself firmly in that camp. Those of us in that camp don’t notice it because the little wins are always so much smaller in our eyes compared to the bigger prize.

Don’t get me wrong. We do notice the little wins, but the key difference is in our celebration of them. We meet them with a “yeah, but” rather than a “yeah!!“. The universe is very sensitive to that nuance. The first implies lack and the second implies celebration.

But yet we know that the big prize is the sum of all the small little wins. If we don’t celebrate and genuinely enjoy the little wins the big ones will forever elude us. That’s not a self-deprecating threat. It’s basic metaphysics. 

What some of you might not know is that the very thing which calls forth the big prize is our joy—the joy we feel when we celebrate the little happenings.  The thing is we easily become frustrated when the big dream doesn’t happen immediately and we lose the joy. It morphs into impatience, mistrust, disillusionment, anxiety and for some of us depression.

These are the very things which conspire to push the bigger prize further and further away from our field of creation. It’s a question of resonance and harmony—like attracts like.

So give yourself this Christmas present

Because when we do take the time out to genuinely notice and enjoy the little wins, no matter how small, we keep our ‘joy pot’ constantly topped up. This then continues to set up events that bring more little joys until before we know it the big prize has crept up on us. From then on, it’s Christmas everyday. Each moment becomes a present—literally a recurring Christmas present to enjoy all year round.

There’s another thing about enjoying the little wins. It’s that doing so pulls our minds out of a future we’re struggling to see, into the now-and-present that we can see, feel and enjoy. That joy then calls forth a future of more joy whilst our minds celebrate the now-and-present. This is what is meant by the phrase “to get out of your own way”.

Let me share a little insight from just last week

Since the launch of my books less than two months ago, they’ve made it to number one in their categories on Amazon a couple of times. First on the free kindle downloads then on the paid. This would appear to be great news, right? It surely deserves a “yeah!”, but what was my response? “Yeah, but”.

Yea but they were number 1 in kindle free downloads so that doesn’t count. And when they reached number 1 in category, it was a “yeah, but”, it’s not enough. A few hundred downloads only mean $200 for the Pack Back Society—it’s not enough to do all the things I so dearly want to do for the Pack Back Society.  

Instead of celebrating those little wins with gratitude and appreciation for those wonderful souls who’ve downloaded the books, I met them with thoughts of lack and in turn attracted more lack to complain about.

So now back to the opening sentence of the story

It’s not like I don’t already know to take a step back to enjoy the journey. Hell, I’ve written a whole book about the impact of our thoughts on the world we see, called The Pocket Book of Little Big Things. But like many of us, I forgot and needed reminding—by life itself.

Whatever your dream might be this Christmas holiday

If the big prize still seems so far away right now, don’t lose hope and spiral into those emotional pitfalls which by their very nature, work against you. Instead, take a step back to spot the little wins you’ve had and enjoy them deeply in the knowing that they’re a part of the big prize.

The universe really is on your side and desires what you desire for yourself as eagerly and as joyfully as you do. But just remember that even the most beautiful beach you ever saw took years of tides going back and forth to craft. Try to enjoy the surf with each tide and before you know it, you’ll be gazing upon a beautifully crafted white sand beach. Let the divine postal service do its thing—get our of your own way.

But before you go celebrating, there’s something you should know

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